Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Maura Kelly,



I'm sorry that because I'm a double digit size that I am disgusting to you. I will agree that the show in question was crap, but it wasn't offensive. You want fatties to get a room?? Why, because we can't possibly be sexual creatures? It apparently offends you to see our DISGUSTING BODIES OF FLAB *GASP*. GET OVER YOUR IDIOTIC SELF!!!! What this tells me is that YOU must really hate your OWN body to be concerned with mine!

You, dear Ms. Kelly, of the formerly admitted eating-disordered anorexic variety should KNOW BETTER. Fat hate/skinny hate/color hate/disablity hate whatever-your-flavor hate is poison.

MY FAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. We are not going away! We are SICK and TIRED of being invisible in the mainstream media! It's ok for fat girls to be funny (Roseanne, Mo'nique), it's more likely to see a fat guy being funny(Belushi, Goodman, Farley, et al). But any ounce of respect or sexuality shown on TV? GASP! Offensive!?!? OFFENSIVE MY BIG FAT ASS!!!!!!

I'm proud that I don't subscribe to any of the so called beauty mags, including Marie Claire. Shame on you for standing by this hatred.


  1. WTF?!?! While we're at it, boycott that show she's on (not that I watch it)!

  2. Thank you, my thin best friend who has never had a weight issue but is compassionate and respects ALL people regardless of appearance or disability!!!