Sunday, September 23, 2007


So I'm old.

Not only did Dave let me fall asleep at 9pm on 09-21, he let me stay asleep until 9am. 12 hours of sleep = Sara in a very very good mood when she wakes up!! So I woke up and went into the bathroom to pee and there was a note on the bathroom mirror - a pirate map with a birthday sonnet and a clue... a birthday treasure hunt!

So I ran around the house and out to the car etc solving mini mysteries and getting clues and uncovered my presents - a mega rare Ted Bundy book that officially rounds out my collection (fuck yeah I'm weird) and the diamond earrings I've been drooling over and wanting for the wedding! YES! He is the awesomenest almost husband ever!!

Then we got ready and went to Gustav's for lunch and I got to be lazy all day long and do no chores. I got a yummy white chocolate cake from Larsen's bakery and it was kick ass!!

So that was my birthday. Being 30 is pretty cool so far.