Friday, October 8, 2010


So about twice a year the stress gets to me and I completely meltdown. Welcome to last night! LOL

I came to a decision though - I am done trying to solve the crazy Ex problem. It's not mine to solve, and it will take me down with it if I let it. So, I can support my husband and not be involved. Because if I don't be a step away from it I won't be able to help with the aftermath (fucked up kids). That's the theory. Shoutout to my friend Deirdra who was my email shrink yesterday as I was mentally flailing about about this. Love you dude.

I always feel better when I'm done though. My eyes are all swelled up but so far no one noticed at work, so that's a good thing.

I am expecting a new bag today, and that always makes my day fantastic. I sold my Chanel Cambon tote and used some of the proceeds towards the vintage caviar tote coming today. I hope it's as fantastic as photos indicated. It should curb the lust for a while.

My cousin Erin is coming to town today for the weekend. She is hilarious. She is like a younger version of my mom, minus that whole annoying "depend on me to solve her problems" part. So I am looking forward to laughter this weekend.

Also we are planning on going to the Farm to get pumpkins and stuff this weekend with some of our favorite friends. So that should be fun too.

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  1. Glad Deirdra was able to help... and that Erin is coming. You need that. I expect photos to be posted of the new bag. I love you.