Saturday, June 18, 2005


Well now that I slept nine blessed hours and know what the hell is going on I can try to cram 10 days of craziness into one blog entry.

Good things that happened in Florida:

Got to lounge by a couple of hotel pools.

Got to hear all kinds of crazy stories about my Dad's youth and Hell's Angels days. Like, for example, when he was 13 and got kicked out of his town in Alabama - after spending a night in jail the police discovered he was underage and were forced to take him home, apologize to his father and all that. His dad handed him a beer and high fived him. LOL.

I moved dad's 106 lb Magneplanar speakers from his house (they are 6 ft tall) to the FedEx office and mailed them off - feeling like a badass Wonder Woman.

Things that sucked:

Too numerous to mention. Highlights included:
having dad panic over every detail,

getting to the airport 6 hours early because he was freaked out we were going to be late, having to wait an extra 2 hours (besides the 6) due to a huge ass storm - which started precisely at the moment we were to board the plane - and having our luggage SOAKED out on the tarmac as a result - all my dad's leather jackets are fucked now...

Not sleeping.

Explaining to my dad at EVERY meal that I still don't eat meat, as he makes comments like "There's not very much there, sweetie..." hahahah... he's pretty out of it but still rad. :)

Since we've gotten back Dad is liking his apartment very much. The main reason is allllll the ladies there are already chasing him. LOL. The manager lady comes up and introduces herself, and goes "Welcome, wow, Sara didn't tell me you are so handsome!" The residents AND the ladies that work there. Seriously.

I was doing his laundry and I had three different ones come up to me and go, "Are you Sara? I hear your daddy's tall and handsome - can I meet him?" hahahahaha.... We are INFAMOUS dude. The cleaning lady came in and said "Wow, they were right, you are a good lookin' man." He loves this shit of course, and he's totally the big man on campus.

So now I am the geriatric pimp! I just tried to call him and there's no answer - he's probably being wooed and getting some. HA! At least one of us is.

Friday, June 3, 2005

You have to be kidding me.

Online, looking for coffee shops around my dad's house, so I can survive a week in the bunghole of America - aka Florida.

And in my search this is what I find.

Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits - More Info / Map1713 S Pine Ave, Ocala, FL 34474 Category: Coffee

WHAT. THE. FAWK. I am never going to survive a week there. Never ever ever ever.