Monday, November 2, 2009

Been a while.

Boring updatey-blog, cause I just feel like it's time for a download.

Winter has officially hit the Couv. Dave scraped my windows for me this morning.

First, amazingly enough, Dad is still with us. I actually had an interaction with him about a month ago, like, he tried to talk to me. He's doing *gasp* BETTER. I don't understand this. His stubbornness to go just keeps him hanging on. I've thought long and hard about what in the hell he might be waiting for and I can't just figure it out.

My job is insanity. Like, I want to sit in the corner in a fetal position and cry when I come home insanity. At least I am employed, which is a lot more than a lot of people can say right now, so I should be thankful.

My parents are about to lose their home to forclosure. Stepdad is working but there are no sales in the car biz right now, and mom's hairstyling biz is doing ok but with beauty services being one of those optional things she isn't making money either. Plus, one of her full timers had to quit cause she had no clientel in this economy either.

I feel awful for them. She's trying to remain positive but I sense she's on the verge of tears constantly. I can't help them in any financial way, except perhaps help them with deposits/moving costs when the time comes for them to move out - which I am assuming will be soon, as a payment hasn't been made in 5 months on the house.

I'm having my typical "change in the weather" funk going on, topped off with feeling icky a lot of the time - Dave and I both have some stupid bug we can't manage to completely kick. I slept most of yesterday and feel a little better, but could lie down and sleep right now if I could.

Halloween was fun - Deanna and I took the kids and her kid out Trick or Treating and Dave stayed back with Mark in their haunted house and scared the crap out of people.

Thanksgiving is coming soon. I'm hosting this year - the 'Rents and Dana and her daughter. Invited a couple more but haven't heard. I need to get in the spirit of things.

I am basically done Christmas Shopping. I am done for the kids. Dave and I haven't decided if we are actually going to buy for each other or not. Last year we just donated to charity in each other's name and that was pretty cool.

Things have been very quiet on the legal/Cow front. Waiting for that chaos to start again.

I have a new obsession in "True Blood." I may have to break up with Edward Cullen for Eric Northman. Holy hell that man is amazingly gorgeous. I know, I sure get around, don't I?

Winter's birthday is on Thursday. She will be 8. That's insane. I've known her since she was 3. I've known her for well over most of her life. When Jori turns 11 I will have known him over half of his life. Both kids have had behavioural challenges lately, but been very loving and affectionate to me. I am thankful that Cow can't destroy this, at least. J asked the other day if Bi-polar was genetic. Dave reassured him that there was no reason to think he would grow up and be sick like his mother.