Thursday, March 25, 2010

And so it goes.

Well, a couple of really good things have happened - Dad is approved for Medicaid. :) Huge stress relief there. What a nightmare going through the process.

Had a normal pap, so I'm back to YEARLY EXAMS!! Woo!

This morning Dave got a call from the daycare. It seems our son has been suspended from daycare for the rest of the week, as a result of saying something highly inappropriate about rape to another (male) child.

My first hope is that J honestly doesn't know what this means. I guarantee he will know how vile, hurtful, and awful this is when I am done with him tonight.

My next thought is, where in the HELL did he hear this??? My first inclination is to think that it was at his biomom's house, as he's come back spouting several inappropriate things. Could be school too.

I hope I can adequately explain the horror of sexual assault to him, and instill some feminist values in him too. No kid of mine is going to be talking such horror. We are stunned, and have no idea how to punish him for this.

The timing is horrible, as we are set to leave for a Spring Break vacation tomorrow for a long weekend.

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  1. You suck with your yearly exams... bleh on you.