Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life is good.

Been doing an evaluation of things. Have been cleaning out baggage (physical and emotional). Sold my beloved Chanel bags to pay off some debt we accrued - it was actually really freeing.

Been conciously eating better too. No real weight loss yet, as I haven't been completely hardcore, but about 80% better, and 100% conscious of everything I eat.

My niece is coming over to babysit tonight so we can go see MUSE!!! Excited. Now only Kings of Leon are on my "MUST SEE" list currently.

Didn't want her to feel left out on Easter, so I got her an Easter pressie too - a Coach wristlet. I bought her her first Juicy and first Chanel, so the tradition continues. :) I like having someone to spoil. She deserves it.

My Belushi/Blues Brothers obsession is full boar right now - been listening to them this afternoon.

Our anniversary was a couple of days ago. Dave sent me some beautiful flowers to work, which was awesome. A coworker remarked that she couldn't believe we'd been married only two years, as we seem so comfortable together - I told her we were together 5 now, so that's probably why. That and we've been through so much crap since we got together - his psycho ex, financial issues, my dad stress, surgeries, etc etc that is something was going to torpedo us it would have already happened.

It is so amazingly awesome to have a spouse that I not only adore more than anything, is my best friend, but I trust 100%. I had an ex-husband that I couldn't trust at all, and it devastated me when his web of lies came crashing down. I have a 0% chance of this happening to me again, and it's such a great, secure feeling. We genuinely LIKE and respect each other not only as partners but as people, and having infidelity would be impossible as a result. It hasn't always been wine and roses, but it's real, and I know in my heart he's my forever love.


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  1. Kathy was at MUSE tonight, too!! Wonder if you saw each other... Very cool.

    I want your niece's number, btw... This is the one who lives near me, right? We may be needing a sitter once in a while; I think we need to renew once a month "date night".