Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adventures at the Doc.

My whole life my girl parts have been jacked. I got boobs at 11, but no period until 16. When it showed up I was in bed for a week. I have had every medical test done known to man, ruled out every bizarro condition dealing with ovaries and thyroid, and the diagnosis is PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. Basically, instead of dropping an egg, I make a half assed egg and it hangs out on my ovary with all the other half assed eggs, and they turn into cysts, and my ovaries look like big chunks of cauliflower.

In 2007 I had a scare, as I was "this close" to having Cervical Cancer. There are 4 levels of pre-cancer, and I jumped from level 2 to Level 4 red alert in a month. So I had surgery.

Basically my complete repro system is jacked.

Anyway, I've been begging/joking about a hysterectomy for years. Today my doctor (after slicing and dicing me again) finally took me seriously and we had a discussion.

She told me she understood my decades of hell and would have no problem taking out my uterus. WHAAA? I started to do the happy dance, but she reminded me I would have to keep my ovaries. She said I need to keep them for at least 10 years. Because while they are partially broken (I make basically NO progesterone, and have probably never ovulated in my life) they make plenty of estrogen. The current hormones I am on are a low dose compared to the high dose I'd have to take if she yanked my ovaries.

So losing my uterus would be no periods, but I'd still have to deal with the hot flashes, extra hair, moodswings and other fun that PCOS come with, and still would have to take hormones. So it would only partially solve my problem.

If she took my cervix too, then there would be potential other problems. (Worth the risk if my cervix has gone bad again).

I have decided if I get bad pap results again, I want to have the hysterectomy (including cervix) because I'm not going to play this cancer game anymore. If the results come back normal again, then we came up with a plan where I can continually take hormones and not have periods for as long as I want.

If any of my readers have had a partial hysterectomy, I'd love to hear from you, as I felt like I won the golden ticket and then just had a hugeass disclaimer. LOL

Can't do it now, as one of my boss' is battling cancer, so it would have to be after she's back up and running.

An interesting thing I learned today: when she was checking my ovaries (FUCKING OW) and I was dying, she apologized a bunch. She then told me that basically ovaries are chick testicles, and it's like I was being kicked in the junk, but my junk was already pissed off. Never really thought about it that way.

So I totally got roshambo'd by my doc. Who I still like.


  1. ouch man, that sounds bad. I'm sorry you have to go through so much crap with this.

    I don't know anything about hysterectomies but on another bright side maybe losing organs helps you lose weight too! :D

    I should get rid of those useless things so I can reach my goal weight. God, I'm sick.

  2. For my case, I think it wouldn't be that long of a recovery time only because I don't have effed up ovaries and you do -- so I wouldn't need surgery for that part. David's ex had it done and was a total whiner; staying in bed playing the whiner card for like two months! Anyway, I'll let ya know what my doc & I decide after my appointment on the 24th.

  3. Haha! Finally got this blogger thingy working so I can freakin comment. My SIL had a partial hysterectomy about 5 yrs ago after they removed a HUGE fibroid from her uterus. She has been MUCH more comfortable since the surgery and was up and around in maybe a week with no lifting driving for 2 weeks or so. I know she feels better, but she didn't have the PCOS just fibroids. Good Luck Chica sorry your girl junk is broken.