Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking forward.

So I finally have something to look forward to. Mark, Deanna, Dave and I are going up to the Casino in Rochester in Feb to see Charo. Yes, "Cuchi Cuchi" effing badass Charo. (Charo is Mark's version of my Tom Jones obsession). We are going to stay over night. I talked my mom into taking the kids overnight, so it will be the first night without the kids we have had since August last year.


Having these kids constantly is exhausting. It sucks, because their non-custodial literally batshit crazy mom is too sick to take them overnight, but well enough to mess with their heads for 8 hours on the First and Third Saturdays of the month.

I wish she was well enough to actually take them for any length of time. As stands though, we worry sick about what is happening because several very bad and very disturbing things have happened when they have been in her care in the past, and their mom is secretive about when she's on/off her meds and doing particularly badly.

Or, if she was just not around anymore (like she blessedly used to be) then the kids are easier to parent because they aren't confused all the time. It's hard to answer "Why does my mom lie all the time?" and "Will I get sick inside like my mom too?" and similar questions. They are very confused, and while we never talk bad about her to them, we know she badmouths us to them (have been asked "Why does my mom hate you so bad?").

Anyway, I am SO EXCITED to be able to go away with my husband with no kids, even if it is for one measley night. It's enough for me to be seriously looking forward to something for a change.


  1. Beach house... Lincoln City... just gas & food... Seriously. You, alone OR you with Dave OR you and me; whatever. Let me know!

  2. I saw Rochester and nearly died! Rochester, NY is 2 hrs from me. LOL THEN I realized there must be another Rochester over there... bummer. :) Someday...someday very soon... and besides, Charro would've been far too kickass for me to even utter. o-m-g!