Friday, January 15, 2010


He's really sick. Fever is bad, but he did take Tylenol this morning. Apparently he tried to talk to the caregiver, which is new.

He sleeps a lot. He coughs a lot. He is weak.

I am kind of disconnected from it.

I worry he will pass when I am in Lincoln City this weekend. But at the same time I could see him doing this on purpose. I should go see him before we leave town, but I don't want to. It's too hard. I like to think of him smiling, not lying in bed struggling for breath. I hope he's not trying to talk because he's afraid.

Still working on home health to come out. Should know later in the day.

He has been half approved for Medicaid as of Feb 1. The financials are all that's left, and that's what I am worrying about. I pray it works out.

Oh yeah, no restraining order (per the attorney) but still denying her visitation. Court looms.


  1. Your attorney or hers? The no visitation is probably the more important part, anyway.

    For your and your dad's sake, I wish this over for both of you. Go to the beach; if he goes, he goes.

    Love you.

  2. Our attorney. She hasn't done anything "dangerous" but she is in violation of the court order saying treatment is necessary for her visitation to continue.

    I hope it's over soon too. It's time.