Monday, January 11, 2010

I knew it was too calm.

Received word today via the attorney that the kid's biomom has not been to her mental health provider since November. She has no-showed, changed her phone number, and dropped off of the face of the earth. She was discharged due to disappearance.

Our court order says "no mental health treatment, no visitation."

Time for another restraining order to stop visitation and to go to court.

Basically one of two things will happen: 1. She will have to start seeing her provider again and providing proof she's in treatment if she wants visitation, or 2. She stops seeing the kids.

If she argues she's "all better" then her pathetic $50 a month child support will have to be increased, if she's so well then she can work full time, can't she?

If she's well and asks for more time with the kids (i.e. overnights, which she hasn't had for over a year) then where will they sleep? She moved in her boyfriend and his three children. There's nowhere for the kids to sleep (she and the creepy boyfriend are sleeping in the living room as is), and I would imagine all it would take would be one overnight with 5 children in one little trailer for her to either crack up completely again (yay! LOL) or not want overnights anymore.

Either way, I believe she is going to be basically fucked in court.

Will be interesting to see if she pulls a "suicide attempt" when she's served this time. That's an old trick for sympathy. If that's the case it just makes our case that much more airtight.

Should be interesting.

I'm sick of spending all this $$ on attorneys though. We'll probably be paying until we are dead.

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  1. You probably will... but (at least in my opinion) it is worth it. I know it's effing HARD right now. And, in some ways, it's going to get even harder. I think you guys are doing everything you can for those kids; they will appreciate it one day. I have only ONE suggestion to talk to your attorney about: if she gets to the point of asking the court for overnight visits, you ask the court that a parenting study be done (at HER cost). At the very least, you may end up paying for half of it, but they WILL do home visits and talk to all sorts of "personal references", among other things. Mine was very detailed, and lasted a couple months, but in the end, the evaluator saw the whole sitch (and ALL the people involved) for who they TRULY were (are). You can only come out smelling like roses, there!