Saturday, May 7, 2005

Friday Night

So tonight I was really spontaneous. The girl from my work I was supposed to go out with bailed, so I was little bummed out, but I got a message from Heather who was itching to go out.

Well, turns out the Raveonettes are playing, and well, they freaking RULE so we went down to Dante's. I was so brave tonight. I talked to like 6 boys on my own. I started out with the boys (okay, at my age they are men) that I wasn't attracted to but I knew I would instantly have conversation with (i.e. bands on their t-shirts).

I started to feel pretty good and right before the Raveonettes started fate smiled upon me and the cutest boy I've seen in ages stood next to me. I was initially paralyzed with fear, but Heather sensed something was up and just walked up to him and was like "Hi, what are you drinking?" I so wish I could do that!

Anyway, she introduced us and we proceeded to stand next to each other and talk between songs for the entire set... Heather left half way in-between because she was "so certain we were going to hook up." Hahahah. Yeah right. I don't hook up.

Anyway, show ended, we talked some more, I didn't freaking know what to do - he was so sweet and nice and had the best teeth and was at least 6'5" and dark so totally cute and *sigh* he went to Coachella and saw BAUHAUS. AND LIKES THEM. We'd been to about a million of the same shows blah blah. So he asks my advice which of the Raveonettes CDs he should buy, I tell him, then I'm like, "Uh, yeah, so, uh, yeah, was nice to meet you Aaron, see you later!" and he smiles his cute smile and shakes my hand and I leave. AAARRRGH.

I can't believe I choked!! Now what? I know what Pixies show he's going to be at... but dammit. I have no idea what to do when I meet someone I am interested in getting to know better. I'm really mad at myself for being so retarded about this stuff. This one was total quality, folks. And I blew it. So sweet Aaron, good night, whereever you are. I hope you enjoy your CD... and maybe I'll see you at the Pixies or Peter Murphy!

I suck at life.

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