Sunday, May 1, 2005

Back from Seattle.

Had a fun time. Hangover only a 3 on a scale of 1-10 - general indifference, mild depression, craving for carbs.

Oh my God. I have never been in a room with so many physically beautiful men in my life.

Met one, Tommy, I would have married on the spot. The most beautiful man in and out I have ever seen. He watched out for me all night at the casino after the fights and made sure to hook me up with the VIP pass at the after fight party so I could get some free grub! Sweetest guy ever. Totally gives me hope that all the attractive guys aren't assholes! I needed to meet someone like him to give me the courage to remain in the dating pool with hopes I'll find someone to swim with!

Random statistics from the weekend:
Guesstimate number of pro fighters I met/drank with/bullshitted with/sat on their laps: 35
Number of times I was asked if the tattoo on my wrist was real: 4.
Number of pro fighters that performed impromptu strip shows to show me their cool tattoos: 4
Number of times I got seriously turned on by this: one.
Number of semi-strip shows I performed to show off my tattoos to pro fighters: 2
Number of times I seriously got turned on by this: 2 hahaha
Number of times I held hands with people: 3
Number of pierced nipples I was shown: 6
Number of pierced nipples I was told to pull on and did so: 1
Number of fighters I met that I would have seriously dated if they lived in my town and were interested: 3
Number of horse-races I witnessed at the track: 6
Number of Mexicans that "eye fucked" (her word) Sharidy and I at the horse races: 457 (they likes blondes, I guess)
Alcohol consumed Friday night: 1/3 bottle Bacardi Vanila, 3 Budweisers, some orange thing called Sparks that is like red bull with liquor in it
Number of drinks I spilled all over someone's hotel room: 1
Number of times we shoved people in the car trunk to try to move us all from one place to another: 2.
Number of curbs hit intentionally to try to fuck with the person in the trunk: 3
Number of fights outside the ring I witnessed: 2
Number of boys that asked if they could "sleep in my room" with me: 2

And I went to my room all alone last night, despite all the handsome boys I was surrounded by. Yay me for continuing to have morals!! But if Tommy had asked.... heh.... >:)

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