Thursday, March 13, 2008

Every dollar spent = a vote for your beliefs.

So, we are in the hardcore stages of wedding planning now. In checking out tips about various chapels etc I came across a list of wedding chapels that not only perform hetero weddings but perform GLBT commitment ceremonies. I called the chapel we had reservations at (the drive thru) and inquired if they perform GLBT ceremonies and was told that it was the individual decision of the minister, but in general they do not.

Having a mini meltdown, thinking we could not marry in April, was only a taste of what it must be like to be gay/lesbian and not have your chosen life partner legally recognized. And it dawned on me that even though Dave and I would be able to have whatever kind of non-legal ceremony we wanted, the fact that we felt so horrible (and I know I have friends who feel this frustration too) when it seemed out of our reach put it in perspective - I don't believe having the freedom to marry and having the freedom to be domestic partners if you are GLBT are the same thing.
So because of this, we switched wedding chapels. There will still be a limo, still be photos, but there is no drive through. Feeling how we felt last week also reminded me that marrying Dave wasn't a joke to me, and I felt the need to at least do it with a little bit of class - even though it's just him and I.

We are still marrying at 7pm April 1st - we are just doing it in a place where all people are welcomed. Because equality is what we believe in.

Also, we signed the papers on our house today - inspection is Tuesday and closing is April 30. Sounds like my goal of owning a home by age 30 is happening.

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