Saturday, February 9, 2008

Delegate Sarafina.

Briefly, because I have to get to CNN in a hurry

Today was the WA Caucus... Barack is going to take WA... my precinct had 8 delegates that will go on to County and Legislature - 6 of them are Obama 2 Clinton - I am one of the six... the Obama rep that was up from Portland asked me to talk to my peeps about Barack and I did. People asked me if I worked for the Obama campaign and asked me where to get Obama supplies... only little old ladies voted for Clinton in my precint...hahahahah. Talked to other precints and he was ahead there too, he's sweeping Seattle, he will take WA, babies!!!

This delegate thing means I get to keep voting for him in bigger elections, and if I keep getting elected again as a delegate I can go to Olympia, if I make it past Olympia I can go to the DNC BABY!!! It all depends on how hard I push for it, where the work status is, and travel expenses etc etc...

It's safe to say I'm completely fucking stoked. And DAVE is an alternate delegate! Woot woot! Woot woot!


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