Friday, June 5, 2009


Just read on an entertainment website that my beloved Rob Pattinson is a possibility for playing Jeff Buckley in the upcoming biopic.

*cue clouds parting and angels singing* The combination of two of my strong obsessions combining in one fuckawesome event!!

Jizz…in mah pants!!! ROFL

It’s either him or that wussy James Franco guy. Dude Rob has to get it. Franco looks more like Buckley, but who cares?!?

Much at stake as to who gets cast here. For those of you unaware, I'm a Buckley FANATIC. Will post a photo of my painting of him later. It makes me sigh internally every time I look at it (much like the sigh at the beginning of "Hallelujah"). I still don't understand why such a beautiful soul was taken so young.

If you've never experienced Jeff Buckley, put on "Lover You Should Have Come Over." Listen as deep as you can - preferably in headphones. Even though the version on "Grace" is beyond amazing, the version on "Live from Sin-E" gets me every time in a way that the polished version can't - the shakiness and breathiness of his voice makes me absolutely weak. He bled his soul into everything and you can feel it.

And that is why I adore Jeff Buckley.

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