Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Sunday was kick ass - Dave and I had a date day - we went and saw "Control" aka the Joy Division movie. Loved it. Love the soundtrack (which I just bought). Anyway, while we were waiting for the movie to start we killed time in Nordstrom... which led to me buying an extremely adorable pair of Franco Sarto heels. I didn't buy any purses though, so THERE.
I did buy a purse yesterday though, but that's another story... lol

The best part of Sunday though was that I had one of those "perfect" moments. My mom watched the kids so we could go see "Closer" (one week only engagement). I was walking hand in hand in downtown with Dave, and the leaves smelled sweet with decay and swirled around us in little wind clouds of a warm breeze, and the sun was beginning to set and the buzz of the city was all around us, everything so urban and vibrant It was just one of those moments where all in the world is just right. I leaned over and kissed him as we waited at the crosswalk, and as we walked we had a conversation about how we are so completely city people that we may never buy a house while the kids are around. I think we're going to save for a city loft instead. Another one of those ways we are so fantastically compatible...fuck the white picket fence, we want a doorman!

Back to reality though, with various behavior problems with the children all week. Highlights include Winter locking my mom out of her house (on purpose), fit throwing, the front door being left wide open (I was home alone, this was on their way out the door) and I had to retrieve Coley from the front porch, and the crown jewel - Jori's schoolbus fistfight, which led to the complete demolishing of his glasses. Gotta admit though, am proud of the little scrapper... he takes after me in that regard - lol. Proof that just because you wear glasses you aren't a wussy.

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