Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mean Mommy.

Both our kids were in the principals office today. Jori was in there initially for the fallout from yesterday's bus scuffle, and he made an encore performance for "threatening" a classmate this afternoon.

Winter decided to cut her own hair in class (yes, I know WTF), when ratted out by a classmate she was sent to the principal due to her behavior...

Dave had class tonight (it's seriously a curse - on his school nights one or both of them ALWAYS pulls a doozy, without fucking fail...) and so I called him to see what punishment he wanted me to enforce. Immediate grounding for this evening.

Got home, let them know Dad says they are grounded. The boy accepts his punishment, but the girl melts down. "I want my OTHER mommy, my REAL mommy, not my MEAN stepmommy! You and daddy are so mean! I want to go live with my REAL mommy!"

Yeah kid, I'm the evil stepmommy. Evil stepmommys stay home with you when you are sick. They go to your school conferences, and skip work to do so. They take you to the doctor when you are sick, and they stay at home with you and watch you when your daddy is at school, trying to earn a better living to provide better for you. They buy you school clothes, bandage up your sores, teach you how to read, teach you how to brush your teeth, teach you how to dust, teach you how to tell time, make you laugh when you cry, and help you pull out teeth for the tooth fairy.

Evil stepmommys make zucchini bread with you, and color with you, and buy you christmas presents, and stick "I love you notes" in your lunch every once in s a while. They also throw you birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese, because that's a really mean thing to do. They teach you about babies, and about your body, and answer all your questions about things like "What are nipples" and about the origin of your belly button. They take you to get your hair cut and get a pedicure on occasion too. They fill their work cubical with art work you made them just to be mean.

Evil stepmommys also certainly give up having their own "REAL" children so they can stick around and be mean to you.

I AM SO MEAN. I didn't yell at her. I didn't spank her. I relayed a message from her father that she was in trouble, and I am the MEAN STEPMOMMY. Once again, I'm left trying to pick up the pieces of these children, who are so confused because of their fucking idiot egg donor bio mom, and I HATE being the one that they hate, for no reason at all.

It sucks when a 6 year old can emotionally torpedo you. I need to toughen up. On days like this I'd love nothing more for her fucking ass to get the phone call from the principal, and try to explain why her kid is acting out.

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