Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two steps forward, one step back

I've got a raging case of bronchitis. LOL. It's always something... I do have antibiotics though, so life should be good soon. I've been sick a week now and missed 2 days of work, fun times. I'm officially out of sick time now, and vacation, so any more sickness is money out of the paycheck. Not good. So sucking it up has commenced.

Poor Dave has my crud now too - hopefully he won't get it as bad as I do.

I started the South Beach Diet on Monday. Holy crap it's hard. LOL. I don't remember it being this hard when I detoxed last time I did this. I did notice my urge is to comfort myself with junk when I don't feel good, so that is one thing I've already learned. He made the mistake of eating licorice in front of me and I freaked out last night. LOL.

The fact that it is this hard tells me that it's likely something that needed to be done. I know I definitely needed to get off of the processed sugar. I'm thinking about dropping the rest of the phase one (no fruit! AUGH!) and going into phase two (healthy carbs) so I don't completely fall off of the wagon. I know the weight drops slower, but I need to get into something that I don't feel so damn deprived on. This is why diets continue to fail me.


  1. I don't like any "diet". I think cutting way down on processed sugars and simple carbs is a GREAT way to start a healthier eating plan. Sorry you're sick... again... :)

  2. Hey Sara;
    I tried to send you an email - finally - and it got send back. Could you send me your email address? My life has been upside down crazy - hope you are well.