Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today's adventure began shortly after 9am, when the caregiver at my dad's place let me know that on Monday he took a fall, and while he initially seemed okay, over the past couple of days his hands in particular swelled up more and he was bruising pretty good. She thought he probably needed to go to the ER. She offered to take him, and I decided I should let go a little bit and let her take him. I offered to compensate her extra for taking him.

Well, it seems he's broken some fingers, and everyone is amazed that he hasn't been complaining, she even moved them when she was checking him out and he didn't even flinch. I guess he's got a high tolerance for pain. The hours waiting for news were torturous, and I felt guilty that I wasn't there, even though the next best thing to me was there.
So the next decision was did I want him to be pinned (and therefore put out) or splinted. I chose splinted. I know he'll be wiped out tonight, so I'll go see him before work in the morning.

And so it goes…

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