Thursday, June 14, 2007


Why am I still awake? Because I'm a huge sucker and can't sleep without Dave around now. How bizarre is that?

And why isn't Dave around, you ask?

Well. Winter was complaining that her ears hurt tonight. After Dave sat her down and started to talk to her about why her ears hurt she admitted she put the little plastic pebbles from the school pseudo-sandbox (psuedo because its a giant box filled with plastic pebbles instead of sand to dig in) in her ears. Both of them. We tried flushing with warm water and were unsuccessful.
So Dave is currently at the Kaiser in Portland having the doctor dig the little things out of her ears.

While Dave was on the phone with Kaiser she howled loudly until I scooped her up in my lap and told her that her screaming was scaring the dog, and if she was quiet the dog would come see us. She quieted down, snuggled into me and the dog and passed out until Dave was ready to take her to the hospital.

Moments like that are really great... I get to be her mom when she needs it.

P.S. 13 days until my lasik. WOOOT! If anyone has GOOD stories to tell me, please do, as I'm done hearing horror stories of corneas mangled.

P.P.S. Today I got paid and I went on a HUGE record binge on ebay and an import site I found. Bad me. I know I'll be at 600 albums before year's end. HAHAH!!!

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