Thursday, April 12, 2007


I made reservations in Rockaway Beach and we took off for the weekend. It was a good time. :) We watched a lot of Viva La Bam while we had a few drinks, played cards, shopped, and walked on the beach.
The coolest thing is I applied for graduation for my AA (finally) - I have all the credits done, I just need 6 more "specified electives" to get the college to give me the degree (some stupid rule about last 45 credits need to be from there). I want the piece of paper before I transfer to Washington State. I'll have it in my hands and on my transcripts in December.

My uncle went back under the knife again - we are all worried sick about him. He's tough, and a fighter, but this is the last time they can remove tumors due to scar tissue. There's only drugs left after this if it comes back. I pray they got it all and he's good as new now. It was in the same area the big tumor was, so hopefully it was just leftover.

In idiot news, I dropped a full glass jar of dip on my foot last night (and it bounced, leaving two lovely purple half moons on the top of my foot). Initially I thought I broke my foot but now its just all bruised, swollen and screwed up (no range of motion etc). I'm sure I screwed up some ligaments or something. I can stand on it, even though it hurts, so I know its not broken. Dave took good care of me as I fought back tears sitting with it elevated and iced, and yelled at me to lie down when I was hobbling around doing laundry. He knows that if I'm crying over an injury its a nasty one. HAHAH! Shoes suck, but my Uggs don't make me wince in horrible pain, so I just wore those today. HAHAHA

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