Tuesday, August 8, 2006


1. What is people's fascination with looking up old loves/love interests of the past? I just want those people to go away, and I guard my life against the outside. Maybe I am alone in this.

2. What is people's fascination with that when they are supposedly happily paired off? Curiosity? Or cold feet? Does it really matter?

3. What is my issue with jealousy lately, and why don't I have the ability to believe that I could be enough for someone? And it looks like I still am not.

4. Why is it that every time I snoop around I find something that hurts me? Oh yeah - I know the answer to that - KARMA. I can't leave well enough alone. But every time I feel weird I find something I was looking for, and not hoping to find.

And I lose more of myself in the process.

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